For the first time in modern aviation history, the reason for an accident will never be revealed. Normally, actually in every conceivable accident, the site of the crash has given accident investigators clues to the reason why. The detective work sometimes needed, could in many cases be movie material. Even if a plane is lost at see, tireless search efforts until the wreckage is found has given invaluable information. In the case of AF447 the cost amounted to 50 MUSD, and even that amount was money well spent, since a mystery was solved. The hunt for answers has served the industry well. A repetition has in most cases been avoided, and since almost everything that can happen has happened, flying is now at a safety level that is actually hard to fathom.

Authorities have never given up – until now. The search for MH370 was officially cancelled a short time ago and consequently the disappearance will never be explained. An American company has up till now been operating a vessel during the spring months on a no cure – no pay basis. The cure would have given them 70 MUSD, an amount that could keep many going for quite a while, but disappointingly for them – and for the world – the effort proved to no avail. Speculation is now free for all. Was it a crazy pilot. Probably not. Why. Because pilots are not normally crazy. Could there have been a fire on board. Much more likely, because fire happens. The saddest part of all this is the fact that relatives to the unfortunate passengers an crew will never learn the truth.


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