The unlevel playing field for low cost- airlines

By now it should be clear to – almost – everyone that if you cut every corner possible, if you have to be towed in from the runway due to lack of fuel, if you several times have to holler ”MAYDAY” to get down before everyone else due to fuel shortage/emergency, if you make your pilots pay their own expensive training, if you make them pay for a glass of water onboard, if you pay crew salaries less than anyone else – then you can sell passenger tickets for less than anyone else.

If you have a shit list for captains who order more than absolutely minimum fuel or in any other way is a disturbance, and if you fire anyone who mention a pilots union, you also have a less safe operation. It has been mentioned before and it must be mentioned again.

The Ryanair strike in five different countries shows that finally the number of pilots who demand reasonable working conditions have reached a critical mass. Check also previous article about a pilots union. The integrity of pilots – i.e. not risking being fired when taking a costly decision in the interest of flight safety – is crucial for passenger safety. Read this slowly: You get what you pay for. Worth thinking of next time you’re sitting up there at 35.000 feet. To cherish your next-to-nothing price for an airline ticket, without giving a second thought about why it has become so cheap, is just as clever as ordering the cheapest surgeon for your next by-pass operation.

Good food cost money, good wine cost money…….



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