Can you trust your pilots

In the wake of pilot strikes in low-cost companies – this time lowest-cost of them all, Ryanair – there are a number of reasons to think twice before you board, filled with joy thinking of the fact that you paid next to nothing for your ticket.

What every airline passenger should ask him/herself – since it is normally not possible to ask the pilots directly – is wether anyone of them could have stayed home due to a bad cold without jeopardizing the possibility to put bread on the table. In other words – are they working for a company, who cares about the workforce enough to have them employed in a normal fashion, with a monthly salary, social benefits paid and sick leave without penalties. And organized in a pilots union with full integrity to care for flight safety – also when in becomes expensive. And under full control regarding training and put through regular follow-ups regarding both medical status and flight skills.

Then again, since nothing ever goes wrong – why worry. Doesn’t really matter if the airline of your choice have pilots from manning companies abroad – or found on the internet – when they are most likely just as good as anyone else. Or if they are self-employed, paid only for the hours they fly, but probably can afford to stay home when they are medically unfit to fly. Or if they cannot cancel a flight due to a technical problem or take on extra fuel when deemed necessary, when the company has full control of all those safety issues.

So, no worries, mate……




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