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Since nothing ever happens, i.e. the threat of being involved in an airline accident is almost nonexistent, rating the worlds safest airlines, like in the latest article, is basically for show. Qantas has topped that list for years which prompted Rainman to comment ”Qantas never crashed”.

However, the same company,, provides us with another list of airlines that might be of slightly greater importance when planning future flights. The worlds least safe airlines are all from outside Europe, Australia and North America. As no surprise to anyone (?) North Korea has its flag carrier on the list, together with four Nepalese, one Indonesian, one from Surinam and a few others. There are more than 100 airlines not meeting European safety standards, and consequently not permitted in EU airspace. All airlines from the following countries are banned from flying to the EU. Enjoy the list below:

Angola (except TAAG Angola Airlines)
Democratic Republic of Congo
Equatorial Guinea
Gabon (except Afrijet and SN2AG)
Liberia                                                                                                                                  Mozambique
Libya                                                                                                                                                Nepal
Republic of Congo
São Tomé and Príncipe
Sierra Leone

Six more are also banned: Blue Wing Airlines, Suriname / Iran Aseman Airlines, Iran / Iraqui Airways, Iraq / Med-View Airline, Nigeria / Air Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe / Avior Airlines, Venezuela.

If you have to go, you have to go, and statistics says you’ll be just fine, even in one of the airlines above. The ban is good though, since it forces unsafe airlines to re-thing their approach to flight safety in general. Several airlines have, through the years, had their ban lifted after necessary re-organization.


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