Concorde 2.0

As mentioned in a previous article, the only halt in mankind’s ability to constantly develop just about anything – the abrupt end to supersonic passenger flight – may soon be a just a memory. It was of course inevitable that creative brains couldn’t stay away from trying to find a solution to the frustrating fact that things did not move ahead. If it’s worth betting any money on what has so far turned up is yet to be seen, but many actors are active in the supersonic race.

One company, with the befitting name Boom technology, has stated boldly that they will have a plane called Overture ready for launch as soon as 2025-2027, with test flights already next year. According to the company spokesman safety is governing the final timetable for market introduction, where lessons learned from the latest Boeing disasters are used as additional guidelines. Test pilots will be involved throughout the development of the aircraft.

The main point stated by the company is, that as compared to the original Concorde that never became an economical success, a flight on an Overture airplane would cost just about as much as a business ticket on a regular airline, thus giving the venture a good chance for economical survival. Things would be back to ‘normal’, should this come true.


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