Happy New Year?

The old year is coming to a close and another airline rating managed to make it in time to be dated 2019. No need here to mention any details of the rankings, since the questions asked were of absolutely no significance to what really matters – and the purpose of this blog. Cabin environment, leg room, boarding process, customer service, food, drinks, punctuality are of importance as long as you take for granted that the flight is – safe. On the other hand passengers can only judge what they see and experience.

The new year would do well starting with another rating concerning things that should matter a little bit more; how is the plane maintained, how good is pilot training, how is the pilot and cabin crew integrity versus management abuse, how are people employed, what with fuel reserves, are duty times causing fatigue. With that rating in hand passengers would finally be able to vote with their feet – and steer away from airlines who are dead set on simply being – cheap. Hopefully food will be ok. And all else.


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