Late Christmas gift

In a previous article a wish for a certain kind of airline rating was presented, and so at the very start of the new year – there suddenly was one.

The rankings don’t bother with cosmetics like legroom, taste of inflight snacks, crew courteousness and punctuality, but take into account safety factors including audits from aviation bodies and governments, crash and serious incident records, fleet age, financial position, pilot training and culture.

According to the top 20 airlines are:

1: Qantas
2: Air New Zealand
3: EVA Air
4: Etihad Airways
5: Qatar Airways
6: Singapore Airlines
7: Emirates
8: Alaska Airlines
9: Cathay Pacific
10: Virgin Australia
11: Hawaiian Airlines
12: Virgin Atlantic
13: TAP Air Portugal
14: SAS
15: Royal Jordanian
16: Swiss
17: Finnair
18: Lufthansa
19: Aer Lingus
20: KLM

The fact that no low-cost airlines made the list, does not mean they are unsafe. An educated guess is that they might be weaker in some of the aforementioned criteria, such as accidents, pilot training and – culture. Freedom of choice is a gift all year around.


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