Corona flight safety + B737

A new aspect of flight safety differs from what is normally the focus of this blog, but why not, there is not much else to address concerning an industry almost at a stand still. (When a US carrier looses 1 billion USD/month catastrophy is an understatement.) During the last couple of months people have experienced the regular birdstrikes, turbulence, engine failures and smoke in cabin/cockpit and runway excursions. Simply because there are birds around, turbulence here and there, engines needs maintenance and runways are too short in many places.

So whats new? Safe Travel Barometers has checked the risk of being infected onboard during the Corona pandemi and produced a flight safety rating based on ventilation, face masks, disinfection frequency and 23 other such parameters. And now we have a Covid-19 Airline Rating. They even have scores. Highest is 5.0 and lowest 0.1. None of 230 airlines evaluated reached top score (whatever that means) and none scored bottom. Emirates made first place, not all that surprisingly.

PERFECT: The Safest Airlines in the world with a score of 4.0 and above
Emirates : 4.4Etihad Airways: 4.3Qatar Airways: 4.2Singapore Airlines: 4.1Iberia: 4.1Vistara 4.1Air France: 4.1Air China 4.1Lufthansa 4.1Oman Air 4.1Delta Airlines: 4.1Virgin Atlantic 4.0Korean Air 4.0Southwest Airlines: 4.0Cathay Pacific: 4.0IndiGo: 4.0EVA Air: 4.0Asiana Airlines: 4.0Qantas Airways: 4.0Garuda Indonesia: 4.0

Above average and acceptable: 3.5 – 3.9
THai Viet Jet Air: 3.5Batik Air: 3.5Jet Smart 3.5Jazeera AirwaysMalindo Air 3.5Air Mauritius: 3.5Ryanair: 3.5Canary Fly 3.5Amaszonas 3.5Lanmei Airlines: 3.5Hainan Airlines: 3.5Finnair 3.5JetSmart 3.5Air Austral 3.5Air Tahiti 3.5SAS Scandinavian Airlines 3.5Czech Airlines : 3.5Blue Air 3.6Air Astana 3.6Anadolu Jet 3.6Air Greenland 3.6West Jet 3.6Flynas 3.6Ukraine International Airlines 3.6Citilink 3.6Blue Air 3.6Air Seychelles 3.6Air Belgium 3.6Air Greenland 3.6Japan Airlines 3.6Binter Canarias 3.6Aer Lingus 3.6Scoot 3.7Air New Zealand: 3.7Swiss Airlines: 3.7Shandong Airlines: 3.7Air Transat: 3.8Corsair: 3.7Malaysia Airlines 3.7French Bee: 3.7Air Tahiti Nui: 3.7Transavia France 3.7Jetstar Asia 3.8Air Asia 3.8Spice Jet 3.8Africa World Airlines: 3.8Copa Airlines: 3.8Indonesia Air Asia: 3.8Air North 3.8Allegiant Air 3.8Lufthansa City Line 3.8All Nippon Airways 3.8Africa World Airlines 3.8American Airlines 3.8Copa Airlines 3.8Royal Jordanian 3.8Vietnam AirlinesKLM 3.8Philippine Airlines 3.9Thai Airways 3.9Saudia 3.9Air India 3.9Eurowings 3.9Alaska Airlines 3.9Vueling 3.9Fly Dubai 3.9Ethiopian Airlines 3.9Cebu Pacific 3.9China Eastern Airlines 3.9United Airlines 3.9

There’s no need to elaborate further since passengers normally don’t think twice about what airline they fly with, as long as they don’t have to pay what it cost (to fly safe).

To something more interesting, especially for Boeing lovers. (There are some hardcore fans still around. American Airlines for one, who has chosen Boeing over Airbus for its wide-body operations.) The recent black sheep of the family is getting a new chance in a few days if everything goes according to plan. B737 MAX will fly again. It will take most of a month to get planes and pilots in shape for normal operations. Most likely the ”MAX” name will silently disappear, and possibly replaced by something else. American Airlines plans to re-introduce ”the most scrutinized aircraft in the world” on Dec. 29 between Miami and New York.

Boeing lovers might also find some weird joy in the fact that Singapore Airlines currently has so little demand for their A380 aircraft that it converted one into a pop-up restaurant, Restaurant A380@Changi. The A380 maintained it luxury cachet to the end. Meals on Singapore Air’s plane-turned-restaurant range up to $400, depending on which cabin class you paid to sit in.

Finally, PIA will most likely be forced to fly domestic only, at least for some time, since a ban is likely to most of the rest of the world, following their latest crash in Karachi, revealing the fact that almost one third of their pilots had fake licences.

Their Covid-19 rating is unknown.


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