Pilot shortage

In the US a proposal to raise pilot mandatory retirement from 65 to 67 (eat that, France) is aimed at reducing the pilot shortage that today is causing 324 airports to loose 1/3 of its traffic and 14 airports to loose air service altogether, and causing 400 airplanes to be grounded.

5000 pilots are expected to retire within the next two years and this reform would in one move mitigate to pilot shortage, especially among captains.

ALPA (AirLine Pilots Association) opposes the proposal and notes that pilots in question would be limited to US operations, since the rest of the world has a 65 year limit until further.

With rigorous medical checks every half year, included in the proposal (indicating some lack of knowledge regarding medical tests already in place from the age of 40) one believes this is a safer move than reducing the minimum time required for co-pilot duty from 1500 hours to 750, for which a request by Republic Airways was recently denied by the FAA.


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